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Busy Lizzie's Rhyming Book

Lizzie Sue was always doing something.  She read, she sang, she jumped rope, she played tag.  Her parents called her Busy Lizzie.  One of her favorite things to do was to make up rhymes and sing rhyming songs while she rode in the car with her father.

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Busy Lizzie's Rhyming Book contains 234 words in verse firm and 18 illustrated pages.    The actual book, printed on heavy card stock and bound with plastic comb binding, can be ordered by e-mailing me at stories@mikiemetric.net and paying $25.00.

Greeple the Space Caterpillar-
an illustrated story
Busy Lizzie's Rhyming Book

An illustrated story in verse
The Lonely Christmas Tree

No More Jokes, Please
an illustrated story
The Midnight Ride
a scary poem
The Face of Death a poem She Walks in Beauty Parody - poem Lost in Wolf Creek Valley
a short story with pictures
My First Motorcycle Hill Climb
a short story
The Hume Hunters
Hunters in search of alien game.
The Glass Factory
A story of childhood friendship and loss.


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