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The Face of Death

Out from the silent, cold, dank tomb

Crept an aura of fear and imminent doom.

A chill draft of air gave a sense of despair

To the shadowy figure alone in the gloom.


How quiet the night in the ancient church yard;

The heavens above were ill-starred,

As the stranger came near with a sickening leer

On his face so hideously scarred.


The moonlight shone pale through the gnarled old trees,

The grass rustled low in the ominous breeze.

He commenced his dread chore with the spade that he bore

'Til he dug up the ring of gold keys.


With the prize he had sought, he went straight to the crypt,

Unlocked the steel door and cautiously slipped

Into the dim lair, where he said a soft prayer,

For by fear his cold heart was gripped.


He went to the casket  and pried up the lid

Of the box which for many years had hid

That master of torture, the King's Inquisitioner.

The stranger's scarred face proved the evil he did.


But when the stone coffin's contents were shown,

The stranger let out a frightful moan,

For the sinner inside had been buried alive;

His face told the horror of the death he had known.

by T. M. Grafius, Sr.


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