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Greeple the Space Caterpillar


1. Tiny creatures that looked a lot like the insects on Earth lived

on a plant-covered world they called Home.

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2. These creatures, known as Homelings, not only worked

together and cooperated, like ants and bees,

3.  …they also used tools and machines and went to school.  They were much smarter

than Earth’s insects. 

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4. Life was very good on Home, until its sun began getting warmer.

5. As the temperature climbed higher, Homelings spent more of their

days inside.  The plants they used for food began dying.



6. All of the Great Families – Diggers, Flyers, Builders, Hoppers, and others –were invited to the Meeting

Rock.  They talked about the terrible conditions on Home and what could be done about them.

7. One Homeling thought they could try to block some of the heat from the sun.Another

thought that everyone could move underground.When a tiny Flyer wondered if they could find

someplace else to live, wise old Merlis Graybeard told the group that scientists had recently

learned some of the lights in the night sky were really planets.  They thought it might

be possible to live on one of those other worlds.The meeting ended, and different groups

went off to plan for their survival.


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9.  The next day, Merlis Graybeard and Mayor Chirrup met with a group that

volunteered to pilot the spaceship.  The mayor explained that the pilot

would have to be smart, strong, and gentle. He would also have to be able

to go a long time without eating in case the trip took longer than expected.

One by one, the volunteers dropped out or were told they were not right for the job.

8.  Scientists and builders immediately started planning a spaceship.The Flyer Families began figuring

out a way to block the sun’s heat. The Digger Families got out their maps to figure where to dig for more

water and which tunnels to make larger.  The Grower Families left to bring back as much food as they

could find and to develop plants that could grow underground.

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10.  The last volunteer, a large green caterpillar, rose up and said, “My nameis Greeple and I can do it.  I can

fly the ship.  And I’m strong,” he said as he picked up one end of the Meeting Rock.  Merlis looked at

the caterpillarcarefully.  “You’re very big,” he said. “I’ll bet you eat a lot!” Greeple said shyly, “Yes, Sir, I do, sometimes,

but I can also go a long time without eating.”Merlis thought a moment, then nodded his head firmly. 

 “All right, Greeple,  you have the job.  Your training will begin tomorrow.”

And this begins the adventure for Greeple, the Space Caterpillar

This story, consists of 1189 words and 23 illustrations, .  You can also order the print version, on heavy card stock and bound with plastic comb binding for $25.00.   Contact me at stories@mikiemetric.net .

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