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The Midnight Ride

The woods were pitch-black; not a sound could be heard
Save the mournful shrill cry of a lonely night bird.
All at once came a wail that cut through the air,
The sound of a soul in utter despair.

I urged my horse onward, away from the sound
And the Stygian darkness I saw all around.
I raced for my life toward the end of the trail
While hoping my faithful steed didn't fail.

  I heard the strange outcry come evermore near:
My mount and I both were succombing to fear.
The branches above seemed to grab at my coat;
My chance of escaping looked very remote.

I let go the rein, grabbed the wild, flowing mane,
And coaxed my horse faster, ignoring his pain.
I shut my eyes tightly, not daring to look,
Oblivious even to the path that we took.
My horse soon grew weary,then finally was done,
So I leapt from his back and started to run.
I continued my flight to escape the unknown,
Tho I soon was faint-hearted and chilled to the bone.

At last the trees thinned and the moonlight shone through;
I thought I would make it if my strength just stayed true.
But my strides became sluggish, I felt hands on my cloak ....
I struggled, I screamed, then finally awoke.


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